We are proud that we have designed the operational layout for over 1,9 million square meters of warehouse facilities and distribution centers, redesigned over 80 logistics networks, trained over 5.000 warehouse employees in more than 500 clients that have trusted us.

Inventory management for our clients is also one of our most valuable services by creating the right models and processes for ordering and replenishment that result on average 25% inventory level reduction by retaining or improving service level.

-Our services include:

  • Warehouse operational design end-to-end
  • Digital transformation of supply chain & logistics automations
  • Operations audit
  • Supply chain strategy and logistics model optimization
  • e-commerce logistics assessment and design
  • Last mile, city logistics & route to market optimization
  • Manufacturing operations reengineering
  • S&OP integration & inventory optimization
  • Warehouse inbound planning, reverse logistics and returns management
  • BPR & performance monitoring
  • Activity based costing of logistics
  • Business plan of supply chain initiatives
  • Supply chain sustainability engineering