Among the milestones of our work we consider:

  • The operational consultancy of ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games (Logistics Strategic Plan, Logistics Operations Plan, Transport Strategic Plan, Transport Operations Plan)
  • The master and operational layout of the fully automated IKEA Distribution Center located in Greece (layout awarded with the 2009 European Supply Chain Excellence award)
  • The master and operational layout of the biggest Greek logistics parks (Thriassio, VIPATHE, DIKEVE)
  • The construction of business plans for the majority of the Greek transportation sector including Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), Athens Mass Transit System (OASA), Urban Rail Transport (Electric Railways, Athens Metro, Tram)
  • The consultancy to the Greek government in issuing (2014) and implementing (2017) the national legislation for logistics, as well as in establishing (2012) and updating (2017) the national strategy for logistics